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Friends & Lovers is a american film of genre Drama released in USA on 16 april 1999 with Stephen Baldwin

Friends & Lovers (1999)

Friends & Lovers
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Released in USA 16 april 1999
Length 1h43
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Romance
Rating45% 2.260752.260752.260752.260752.26075

Friends & Lovers is a 1999 American romantic-drama film directed and co-written by George Haas about a group of twentysomethings on a ski trip. It stars Stephen Baldwin, Claudia Schiffer and Robert Downey, Jr..


As Christmas season approaches, Ian is invited by his father, Richie, to join him for a skiing holiday in Park City, Utah. Ian convinces several of his friends to come along. There is Jon, who brings along his German girlfriend, Carla, but has competition for her from a German ski instructor, Hans. Another friend, David, is gay and wants to lose his virginity. Keaton discovers his sister Jane is pregnant and has no plans to tell the man who might be the father. Keaton also has issues with his friend, Lisa, who wants their relationship to become romantic.


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