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From Mexico With Love is a american film of genre Drama released in USA on 15 march 2009 with Kuno Becker

From Mexico With Love (2009)

From Mexico With Love
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Released in USA 15 march 2009
Length 1h37
Genres Drama,    Action,    Adventure
Rating51% 2.564932.564932.564932.564932.56493

From Mexico with Love is a 2009 American action-drama film directed by Jimmy Nickerson and stars Kuno Becker, Steven Bauer, Danay Garcia, Bruce McGill, and Stephen Lang.


Hector Villa is a young Mexican national and border-crossing migrant and worker with boxing abilities mirroring his late father's. He could perhaps be good if he learned to think along with his pummeling, then he could do better for his ailing mother than pull in a few side dollars from small-time, illegal gambling fights. When he crosses racist Texas farmer Big Al Stevens and his cocky, pugilist son Robert, Hector finds a trainer in the alcoholic Billy Jenks who, nevertheless, can teach him to be better. It all comes down to an arranged, high-stakes match between Hector and the stronger and better-trained Robert in which Hector's only hope is to demonstrate he can keep his head in the game.


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