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Garde à Vue is a french film of genre Drama directed by Claude Miller released in USA on 16 april 1982 with Lino Ventura

Garde à Vue (1981)

Garde à Vue
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Released in USA 16 april 1982
Length 1h24
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Crime
Rating77% 3.892613.892613.892613.892613.89261

Garde à vue is a 1981 French film directed by Claude Miller and starring Romy Schneider, Michel Serrault, Lino Ventura and Guy Marchand. It was based on the British novel Brainwash, by John Wainwright.

It won the César Award for Best Writing, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. The film had 2,098,038 Admissions in France and was the 17th most attended film of the year.


Jerome Martinaud, a wealthy, influential attorney in a small French town who falls under suspicion for the rape and murder of two little girls. He is the only suspect, but the evidence against him is circumstantial. As the city celebrates New Year's Eve, the police led by Inspector Antoine Gallien, who is investigating the double rape/murder case, brings the lawyer in for questioning; at first politely, and then less so, as the interrogation team consisting of Inspectors Gallien and Marcel Belmont chips away at the suspect's alibi. They interrogate him for hour after hour while Martinaud continues to maintain his innocence. We learn all about the evidence; we meet Martinaud's wife Chantal who tells Gallien about the rift between them and the origin of it, which may be an eight-year-old girl (Camille) Martinaud was in love with. On the face of overwhelming evidence and feeling let down by his wife, Martinaud confesses to the two rapes and murder. However a fresh corpse inside the boot of a stolen car, and the car's owner turns out to be guilty of the crime--exculpating Martinaud. Martinaud leaves the police station and finds his wife who has committed suicide.


Lino Ventura

(Inspector Antoine Gallien)
Michel Serrault

(Jérôme Martinaud)
Romy Schneider

(Chantal Martinaud)
Guy Marchand

(Inspector Marcel Belmont)
Pierre Maguelon

(Inspector Adami)
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