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Gunmen is a Hongkongais film of genre Drama directed by Kirk Wong with Tony Leung Ka-fai

Gunmen (1988)

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Length 1h27
Directed by
OriginHong kong
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Action,    Crime
Rating62% 3.10233.10233.10233.10233.1023

Gunmen is a 1988 Hong Kong action crime drama film produced by Tsui Hark, directed by Kirk Wong and starring Tony Leung, Adam Cheng and Waise Lee. The film was rated Category III by the Hong Kong motion picture rating system.


During the Chinese Civil War, a group of war friends Ting Kwan-pik, Cheung, Lau Fuk-kwong and Cheung Cho-fan were captured and brutally tortured by officer Haye. After they escape, Ting headed to Shanghai and became a cop. Ting is also one of the few righteous, incorruptible cops in Shanghai. Although the police force consists mostly of corrupt cops, the superintendent is an honest man. One time during a drug raid, Ting kills Haye's uncle, Leung. Haye, who has know became an opium smuggler, vows of revenge and later kills Ting's partner. Ting also swears revenge, and with nobody else helping, he tracks down his war friends and enlists their help to outlaw opium smuggling.


Tony Leung Ka-fai

(Ting Kwan-pik)
Adam Cheng

Mark Cheng

(Lau Fuk-kwong)
Carrie Ng

(Cho Chiu)
Elvis Tsui

Tin Kai-man

(Haye's thug)
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La corruption règne partout à Shanghai dans les années 1920. Un ancien soldat devenu policier retrouve le communiste qu'il avait combattu pendant la guerre, qui, lui, s'est reconverti dans le trafic d'opium. Lorsque son supérieur est assassiné par des trafiquants, Ding recrute ses anciens compagnons d'armes pour traquer son assassin et démanteler son réseau.
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After the death of a fellow cop (Elvis Tsui), Ko Chow (Chow Yun Fat) is sent undercover by his superior Inspector Lau (Sun Yueh) to infiltrate a syndicate responsible for a brutal jewelry robbery, led by their leader, Fu (Danny Lee). However, after gaining the confidence of the men he is supposed to be taking down, Ko Chow forms an unlikely friendship with Fu.
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In a rainy night, Captain Wong Kun and his colleagues were celebrating as Captain Wong' gained the opportunity to receive training in Beijing. After dinner, when Captain Wong's mentor is walking back home, Shum Chi-Hung and his fellows, known as the 'Chun-Lei Red Scarf', seek revenge and killed him.
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In 1993, Wai Kat-cheung (Andy Lau) is an underling of Prince (Mark Cheng). Since Cheung was young, his father was a triad member so Cheung also joined the triad. One time when Prince owed Crazy Ball (Ben Ng) HK$3 million debt, Crazy Ball abducted Prince and Cheung rescues him by slicing Crazy Ball's left eye. Although he later became highly regarded by Prince and his status rose, he also had to pay a heavy price. He not only forged a vendetta with Crazy Ball, that night, his wife Cindy (Angie Cheung) also saw him slaughtering and went to help him but was run over by a car.
Best of the Best, 1h22
Directed by Herman Yau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Crime, Romance
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Gangster films
Actors Jacky Cheung, Ng Man-tat, Sammi Cheng, Paul Chun, Carrie Ng, Lee Siu-kei
Rating59% 2.971612.971612.971612.971612.97161
Little Ball (Ng Man-tat) is a retired police officer who works as a beverage server in a bar. However, he has not changed his bad habits of being loud-mouth and compulsive drinking and gambling. Fortunately, he is helped and taken care by his confidant Hung (Carrie Ng). One time, Ball unintentionally got his son Dee (Jacky Cheung), a Special Duties Unit officer, into a dispute with triad leader Ngan Kwan (Paul Chun), nearly destroying his son's career.