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Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces is a tunisien film of genre Drama directed by Férid Boughedir released in USA on 14 september 1990 with Mustapha Adouani

Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces (1990)

Asfour Stah

Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces
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Released in USA 14 september 1990
Length 1h35
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama
Rating67% 3.396163.396163.396163.396163.39616

Halfaouine child of the terraces (عصفور السطح) is a Tunisian film made in 1990, first feature film of fiction by the director Ferid Boughedir.


In a neighborhood of Tunis, Halfaouine young Noura, finely interpreted by the nephew of the director, is divided between several worlds: that of men in the streets, the women, he can still share the hammam, despite puberty approaching, and his imagination, heavy fears the transition to adult life. Boughedir paints a happy picture of Tunisian life and illustrates the subtle and complex relationships between men and women in Tunisia.


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