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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a British film of genre Fantastic directed by Alfonso Cuarón released in USA on 4 june 2004 with Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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Here are the album from the soundtrack of film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Release: 25 may 2004
Price: 11.99€
Number of CD: 1
21 tracks
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1Lumos! (Hedwig's Theme)John Williams 1.29€1min38sdeezer deeyoutubezer
2Aunt Marge's WaltzJohn Williams 1.29€2min15sdeezer deeyoutubezer
3The Knight BusJohn Williams 1.29€2min52sdeezer deeyoutubezer
4Apparition on the TrainJohn Williams 1.29€2min15sdeezer deeyoutubezer
5Double TroubleJohn Williams 1.29€1min37sdeezer deeyoutubezer
6Buckbeak's FlightJohn Williams 1.29€2min8sdeezer deeyoutubezer
7A Window to the PastJohn Williams 1.29€3min54sdeezer deeyoutubezer
8The Whomping Willow and the Snowball FightJohn Williams 1.29€2min22sdeezer deeyoutubezer
9Secrets of the CastleJohn Williams 1.29€2min32sdeezer deeyoutubezer
10The Portrait GalleryJohn Williams 1.29€2min6sdeezer deeyoutubezer
11Hagrid the ProfessorJohn Williams 1.29€1min59sdeezer deeyoutubezer
12Monster Books and Boggarts!John Williams 1.29€2min27sdeezer deeyoutubezer
13Quidditch, Third YearJohn Williams 1.29€3min47sdeezer deeyoutubezer
14Lupin's Transformation and Chasing ScabbersJohn Williams 1.29€3min2sdeezer deeyoutubezer
15The Patronus LightJohn Williams 1.29€1min13sdeezer deeyoutubezer
16The Werewolf SceneJohn Williams 1.29€4min25sdeezer deeyoutubezer
17Saving BuckbeakJohn Williams 1.29€6min40sdeezer deeyoutubezer
18Forward to Time PastJohn Williams 1.29€2min34sdeezer deeyoutubezer
19The Dementors ConvergeJohn Williams 1.29€3min13sdeezer deeyoutubezer
20FinaleJohn Williams 1.29€3min25sdeezer deeyoutubezer
21Mischief Managed!John WilliamsWith the album12min11sdeezer deeyoutubezer
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