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Held Up is a film of genre Comedy directed by Steve Rash released in USA on 8 october 1999 with Jamie Foxx

Held Up (1999)

Held Up
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Released in USA 8 october 1999
Length 1h29
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating51% 2.552362.552362.552362.552362.55236

Held Up is a 1999 American comedy film starring Jamie Foxx and Nia Long.


While on a road trip in the Southwest, Rae (Long) discovers that her man, Michael (Foxx), spent the $15,000 they set aside for a home on a vintage Studebaker. Rae promptly dumps Michael at a convenience store and hops a ride to the airport. Soon after, Michael loses the car when a young kid cons him out of the keys.


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