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Hello, Friend is a British film of genre Science fiction directed by Graham Linehan with Julia Davis

Hello, Friend (2003)

Hello, Friend
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Length 11minutes
Directed by
Genres Science fiction,    Horror comedy,    Horror
Rating61% 3.062863.062863.062863.062863.06286

Hello Friend, sometimes written as Hello, Friend, is a short comedy horror film directed by Graham Linehan and written by Linehan and Robert Popper. The film was Linehan's directorial debut. The film stars Martin Savage as a man, John Ward, but credited as the "Subject", who buys some new internet software for his computer, which begins to take over his life. The film was produced by The Film Council, Film4 Productions and Shine Limited.


The Subject (who is referred to as Mr Ward by the company and John by his wife - John Ward) one day receives an email advertising a product called "Praemus", described as "The cheaper, faster and better way of using the internet." After the Subject buys Praemus, he advises his friends to get it also. He also notices the mysterious connection unit, which connects to his computer by sticking to it.


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