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Heroes United is a american film with Adrian Pasdar

Heroes United (2013)

Heroes United
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Length 1h11

Heroes United is a series of direct to video films from Marvel Animation and the first from its own studio outside any joint ventures.

While Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United were getting poor reviews after its release in December 2013, a preview of Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United was put forth.


Two Hydra scientists add the Hulk's gamma energy to Tony Stark’s arc reactor technology, creating the energy creature Zzzax. The Hulk and Iron Man team up to take them down. They also fight the Abomination, and a fleet of Mandroids.


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The mischievous Loki challenges the Marvel Super Heroes yet again. But this time, he's cast a snowball-themed spell that has Norn Frost in it to "Overload" various villains like Doctor Octopus, Venom, Mandarin, Abomination, and other villains. This forces the Avengers, Nick Fury, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and many more heroes to face off against their supercharged enemies in an ultimate battle.
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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Batman Be-Leaguered, 22minutes
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It’s Halloween night in Gotham City and Scarecrow, Clayface, Silver Banshee and Solomon Grundy have hit the streets to stir up trouble! Batman is on the trail of the city’s spookiest villains while, further complicating matters, the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker, is ruling over this mysterious crew of misfit criminals. It’s up to the Dark Knight to stop this gruesome gang before they unleash “digital laughter,” a computer virus that’s part of a diabolical plan to jeopardize all of Gotham City’s vital technology. Batman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Nightwing and Red Robin must combine forces to battle these baddies and save the city.
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It's almost Christmas Eve, and Darby, Buster, Pooh, Tigger and their friends from the Hundred Acre Wood are waiting that night. Everyone goes to Pooh's house to celebrate. While Roo and Lumpy went outside to play, everyone discusses their wishes. Eeyore's wish is to fly. Roo and Lumpy found a red sack and a reindeer named Holly stuck in a thicket patch. After calling the Super Sleuths they help Holly out and took her to Rabbit's House where everybody else is waiting. They learn that she is one of Santa's reindeers who is searching for Santa's magical sack after it fell off of Santa's sleigh during a practice run. It turns out that the sack that Roo and Lumpy found is what Holly was looking for. The only problem is she doesn't know how to get home which means that there won't be any Christmas. Everybody except Kanga set off to the North Pole. After coming across two paths they begin to wonder which way to go. Darby suggests to follow the North Star. Roo, Lumpy, and Holly get separated from the others and fall down a pit. After many failed attempts to get out, the others arrive using Tigger as a rope to get them out. Tigger uses his mask to get Lumpy out, but it falls down to the pit, but they were able to get Lumpy out. Forcing to leave Tigger's mask behind, they discovered the North Star is blocked by cloud. Everybody except Darby, Buster, and Holly felt like giving up and wanting to go home. She fails to convince them to not give up and decides to go on her own. The others, having changed their minds, quickly follow her. They discover some giant snowmen which come to life when walking through them. Piglet was scared at first, but Holly says there's going to take them to Santa. After the snowmen sing and dance around them, the way to the North Pole was there. They manage to giving Santa his magical sack back before he can cancel Christmas. They then decide to help Santa deliver presents, in which Eeyore and Holly are hitched up at the front of the sleigh (there was nothing holding the reindeer to the sleigh, but it seems they were held by magic). Tigger is still sad about the loss of his mask, but Santa cheers him up by giving him a new mask. They begin traveling across the world, throwing presents down the chimneys and tumbling under the trees (Eeyore's wish to fly had come true). Santa takes them back to the Hundred Acre Wood and returns to the North Pole. The gang celebrate Christmas in Pooh's house where Kanga was waiting for them.
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