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Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada is a film of genre Drama with Demián Bichir

Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada (2010)

Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada
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Length 1h55
Genres Drama,    Historical
Rating65% 3.2831353.2831353.2831353.2831353.283135

Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada (English: Hidalgo: The Untold Story) is a Mexican film directed by Antonio Serrano. It is about Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and his part in the Mexican War of Independence. It the Mexico's forthcoming bicentenary that prompted Serrano to make the film, and premiered in Mexico City on September 16, 2010, the day after the bicentenary was celebrated.



As punishment for his progressive ideas, the priest Miguel Hidalgo is forced to abandon his wife and children and sent by the ecclesiastical authority to a small town. There, in San Felipe Torres, he helps the local people and produces the stage play Tartuffe. He becomes an enemy of the traditional Puritan faction in the town for his liberal attitude and subversive tendencies.


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