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Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge is a film of genre Fantasy with Megumi Han

Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge (2013)

Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge
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Length 1h37
Genres Fantasy,    Action,    Adventure,    Animation
Rating66% 3.3109253.3109253.3109253.3109253.310925

Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge (劇場版 HUNTER×HUNTER 緋色の幻影(ファントム・ルージュ), Gekijō-ban HUNTER×HUNTER Fantomu Rūju) is the first Japanese animated feature film based on the Hunter × Hunter franchise created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The film features the four main characters, Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio reunited to face a dangerous individual who once was a member of their greatest enemies, the criminal organization "Phantom Troupe". The film opened at number one in Japan on January 12, 2013.


The movie begins with Killua dreaming about his brother Illumi's warning to never make friends, claiming that eventually he will betray or get betrayed by them. He wakes up along Gon on an airship. Upon arriving at their destination, they meet Leorio and learn that he and Kurapika were investigating a rumor about a survivor of Kurapika's Kuruta Clan until they meet a young boy whom Kurapika recognized as his childhood friend Pyro, who attacks him and steals his eyes. Uncounscious since then, Kurapika awakens beside the others and soon after he has visions through his stolen eyes of a man whose right palm is marked with a spider tattoo, the same used by the members of the Phantom Troupe.


Megumi Han

(Gon Freecss (voice))
Mariya Ise

(Killua Zoldyck (voice))
Keiji Fujiwara

(Leorio Paradinight (voice))
Mamoru Miyano

(Chrollo Lucilfer (voice))
Kappei Yamaguchi

(Feitan (voice))
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