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I Can Quit Whenever I Want is a italien film of genre Comedy with Edoardo Leo

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (2014)

Smetto quando voglio

I Can Quit Whenever I Want
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Length 1h40
Genres Comedy
Rating70% 3.533723.533723.533723.533723.53372

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Italian: Smetto quando voglio) is a 2014 Italian comedy film directed by Sydney Sibilia.


The film tells the story of Pietro Zinni, a brilliant neurobiologist, who suddenly loses his job at the university because of the economic crisis. Without any reasonable chance to find another contract, Pietro is forced by the situation to put together an unlikely criminal gang of moneyless nerdy ex university's researchers like him (a chemist, a cultural anthropologist, an economist, an archeologist and a couple of Latinist) to create a special smart drug, still unknown and not illegal by Italian law. The success is immediate and unexpected, but Pietro and his friends have to manage something they are not used to: money, much money, probably too much for a bunch of bookworms.


Edoardo Leo

(Pietro Zinni)
Valeria Solarino

Libero De Rienzo

(Bartolomeo Bonelli)
Paolo Calabresi

(Arturo Frantini)
Neri Marcorè

Francesco Acquaroli

(Commissario Galatro)
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