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I Love Hong Kong 2013 is a Hongkongais film of genre Comedy with Alan Tam

I Love Hong Kong 2013 (2013)

2013 Ngo oi Heung Gong: Gung hei fat choi

I Love Hong Kong 2013
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Length 1h50
OriginHong kong
Genres Comedy
Rating42% 2.1325952.1325952.1325952.1325952.132595

I Love Hong Kong 2013 is a 2013 Hong Kong comedy film and the third film of the I Love Hong Kong film series. Film stars Alan Tam, Veronica Yip, Natalis Chan and Eric Tsang, who also served as producer. This is also Veronica Yip's first film role since 1996's Hong Kong Showgirls. The film was released on 7 February 2013 to celebrate Chinese New Year.


La vie des meilleurs amis Sung Chi-hung (Alan Tam) et Ha Shek-lam (Natalis Chan) depuis leur rencontre dans les années 1970 à l'ouverture de leur restaurant.


Alan Tam

(Sung Chi Hung)
Veronica Yip

(Mei Yeung Yeung)
Natalis Chan

(Ha Shek Sum)
Eric Tsang

Stanley Fung

(Restaurant owner)
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