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Inimey Ippadithan is a film of genre Comedy with Santhanam

Inimey Ippadithan (2015)

Inimey Ippadithan
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Length 2h14
Genres Comedy,    Romance
Rating58% 2.904272.904272.904272.904272.90427

Inimey Ippadithaan (English: From now on, it's going to be like this) is a 2015 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by Muruganand of Lollu Sabha fame. Santhanam, who also produced the film, plays the lead role in it, alongside Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore.


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Arjun (Silambarasan), an animation artist living in London with his uncle (Ganesh), meets Nisha (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) in a London pub. She is an aspiring dancer who is living with her aunt (Shobana). After going around together for a day, Nisha proposes a relationship and Arjun agrees. Arjun hates Nisha attending salsa classes with her friend Mojo as her partner. However, he agrees to marry her.
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Faction feud in Tamil Nadu results in the death of Singaraayor's (Nagineedu) brother and he, along with his two sons Dharma (Ravi Prakash) and Kaali (Sugunthan), vow for revenge. Time turns and comes to Chennai. Here lives Sakthi (N. Santhanam), an innocent and somewhat unlucky guy whose parents are no more and is ousted out of his job. His life takes a turn with a correspondence that he has got five acres of land in his hometown in Tamil nadu. He decides to sell that land and sets off to the village. In this process, he also meets Vaanathi (Ashna Zaveri) who is the daughter of Singaraayor. However, much to Sakthi's bad luck, he happens to be the son of the man who killed Singaraayor's brother and he ends up in their home itself. He takes advantage of a tradition of their house that not even one drop of blood should fall inside the house.Vaanathi falls for Sakthi in the mean time.He escapes in all the plans much to the furious Singaraayor.Soon the story takes a twist when Vaanathi,not knowing that Shakthi is the son of the man who kiled her father's brother ,falls for Shakthi. Raja comes to know about this and refuses to marry Vaanathi. When Raja tells this to Singarrayor, he slaps him. And in the wedding Dharma carries Shakthi away from the temple to kill him. It is then revealed that Shakthi is still in Singaraayor's mansion. Then he runs away from the house only to be chased by Singaraayor's men.But Shakthi narrowly escapes from his death and is saved by Vaanathi. When he crosses a bridge which is located at a very high place, he refuses to let Vaanathi come with him and now Vaanathi comes to know the truth and is heartbroken. Soon Singaraayor and his men arrive to kill Shakthi. He somehow escapes. But suddenly Vaanathi tells her father that she was the one who loved Shakthi. Shakthi has a change of heart and decides to go back to Singaraayor to express his feelings to Vaanathi. Singaraayoor orders his men to beat Shakthi badly. Vaanathi cannot bear this and she jumps from a bridge into a river and Shakthi in turn jumps into the river to save her. Shakthi saves Vaanathi. Singaraayor forgives Shakthi and in the end Shakthi marries Vaanathi.
Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya, 2h25
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Three friends Kaliyaperumal (Santhanam), Power Kumar (Srinivasan) and Shiva (Sethu) have no occupation other than getting drunk and chasing girls. A pretty girl named Sowmiya (Vishaka) moves in with her family to the house opposite Shiva. The three friends fall for the girl's beauty and make a gentlemen's agreement to let the girl choose her boyfriend. The three attempt different methods to woo her. Shiva helps Sowmiya's aunt (Kovai Sarala) in household work; Kaliyaperumal joins Sowmiya's uncle (Ganesh) to learn singing; Power joins Sowmiya's father (Shivshankar) to learn Bharathanatiyam. One day, when none of her other family members are home, the three eventually profess their love, leaving Sowmiya confused. Following the advice of her neighbour (Devadarshini), Sowmiya reveals to all three that she loves actor Simbu. The neighborhood boys then decide to bring Simbu as a gift for Sowmiya's birthday, but Simbu says he does not know anyone named Sowmiya. They then hire a thug named "Kolaveri" David to kidnap Simbu, but he kidnaps Sowmiya instead when he learns he is supposed to kidnap Simbu. After Simbu refuses to help her, Shiva, KK and Power go and save Sowmiya, and she falls in love with Shiva, because Power and KK had earlier beaten Sowmiya's uncle and father severely.
Mandhira Punnagai
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The film tells the story of an architect, Kathir (Karu Pazhaniappan), who is talented but also forthright in his dealings whether in office or in his personal life. He doesn't have any girlfriend or many friends whether at work or in personal life. When he is asked to design a spanking new showroom for Honda Dealership, Nandini (Meenakshi) one of the employees there meets Kathir in connection with the new design and falls in love with Kathir's forthrightness unbeknownst to him. He doesn't pay much attention to Meenakshi's overtures initially, perhaps influenced by his troubled childhood. He is approached by Shankar (Rishi), Nandini's colleague who happens to like her, to find out what it is that attracts her to Kathir, for which Kathir drags Shankar to Nandini's house and asks him to convey his love for Nandini himself. This increases Nandini's attraction towards Kathir's straightforward attitude. Gradually, Kathir starts to like her but at the same time he also fears that she is cheating on him and tries to kill her. He goes to the police station confessing his crime that he killed her. When police come to find the body in his apartment, they are unable to find the body. Kathir's friend Manmadha Naidu (Thambi ramaiah) says that last night Kathir was talking to himself and broken all the things in a fit of anger (When Kathir saw Nandini sleeping with Srikanth, Kathir got angry broken all the things imagining himself as killing Nandhini). Kathir had a troubled childhood where his mother committed suicide after her illegal affair with his father's friend came to light, his father also died at the same time, which made him to view things in a different light. In the end, Nandini claimed that she planned things to make him reform him but Kathir in anger says that he celebrate people dying. In next scene, kathir receives a call that nandini had committed suicide he immediately goes to hospital and finds out that nandini didn't commit suicide and she gave him shock to make him realize the wrongdoings. The film ends with Nandini and Kathir uniting, reflection of kathir's father gives acceptance.
Enthiran (2010)
, 2h45
Directed by S. Shankar
Origin Inde
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Comedy science fiction films, Films set in the future, Musical films, Robot films
Actors Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa, Santhanam, Karunas Sethu, Devadarshini
Rating70% 3.548063.548063.548063.548063.54806
After a decade of research, the scientist Dr. Vaseegaran creates a sophisticated android robot with the help of his assistants, Siva and Ravi, in order to commission it into the Indian Army. He introduces the robot, named Chitti, at a robotics conference in Chennai. Chitti helps Sana, Vaseegaran's medical student girlfriend, cheat in her examination, then saves her from being assaulted by a group of thugs. Vaseegaran's mentor, Professor Bohra, is secretly engaged in a project to create similar android robots for a terrorist organisation, but has so far been unsuccessful.
Veeram (2014)
, 2h35
Directed by Siva
Genres Comedy, Action, Romance
Actors Ajith Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Santhanam, Bala, Abhinaya, Vidharth
Rating64% 3.2477153.2477153.2477153.2477153.247715
Vinayagam (Ajith) is a brave person living in a village called Oddanchatram, who lives with his four brothers Murugan (Bala), Shanmugam (Vidharth), Kumaran (Suhail) and Senthil (Munish). The elder brother loves the younger ones to the core, and sacrifices his happiness for their good. They are often caught in fights and they are proud of it. Advocate Bail Perumal (Santhanam), who bails them out whenever legal issues arise because of their brawls. Vinayagam hates the idea of marriage as he feels that his wife might create disharmony among brothers. Though the four younger brothers say that they don't want to either fall in love or get married, when Vinayagam is not around, they all have their secret lovers. Now, in order to get the green light for their love stories, they learn through his brother's childhood friend Collector Subbu (Ramesh Kanna) that Vinayakam, in school, was in love with a girl named Koppuram Devi (fondly called Kopu) and his brothers hatch a plan to find her and reintroduce her to Vinayakam, so he can fall for her all over again. But she's married now and has kids. So the brothers conspire to do the most logical thing, which is to find another woman named Koppuram Devi (fondly called Kopu), because, you see, Vinayakam was not in love with that girl so much as her name, and when he meets another (completely random) girl with that name, he is sure to lose his heart to her, just because she bears that name. Though initially reluctant later Vinayakam himself falls in love with her. He clashes with a goon called Vanangamudi (Pradeep Rawat) to take care of market in the village. Vanangamudi tries to kill Vinayagam's brothers while Vinayagam kidnaps Vanangamudi's son (Amit Kumar Tiwari) after clashing, Vinayagam orders Vanangamudi to leave this village.
Pattathu Yaanai, 2h28
Genres Comedy, Action, Romance
Actors Vishal, Aishwarya Arjun, Santhanam, Jagan, John Vijay, Ajay
Rating39% 1.971711.971711.971711.971711.97171
The story opens in Karaikudi, where Gouravam (Santhanam) is a well-known traditional cook making a living undertaking orders for marriage functions. He is forced into taking an order for a local goon’s wedding and is not happy about it. Saravanan (Vishal) and his four friends, who come to work for him as junior cooks, offer to help him but land him in even greater trouble and they are forced to flee from Karaikudi. The story shifts to Trichy, where Saravanan and his friends have grand plans of opening a restaurant with the help of Gouravam and his money. Here, just like in Malaikottai, it is love at first sight for Saravanan when he sees Aishwarya (Aishwarya Arjun). Things go wrong and as their love deepens we are introduced to two rival gangs, Kasi and Manaa along with a ‘Madurai Anachi’ who are constantly at each other’s throat. In a conflict Manaa forces Aishwarya to marry him and in the process of saving his love Saravanan reveals his past. Saravanan is a jail return who had killed 3 people in Madurai including Anachi's only son to avenge the murder of an orphan kid whom Saravanan considers as his little sister. The rest of the story is how Saravanan protects his love and kill the dark forces.
Siva Manasula Sakthi, 2h29
Directed by M. Rajesh
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Jiiva, Anuya Bhagwat, Santhanam, Urvashi, Arya, Sathyan
Rating70% 3.5435453.5435453.5435453.5435453.543545
The main protagonists Siva (Jiiva) and Sakthi (Anuya) meet on a train from Coimbatore and strike up a friendship. Siva introduces himself as an army officer and Sakthi as an air hostess. The two part ways on arrival in Chennai, but Siva promises to meet her soon. He pays a visit to the airline company where Sakthi claimed to work, with his mother Kalyani (Urvashi) and best friend Vivek (Santhanam) tagging along. When asking for Sakthi, they are instead greeted by another woman with the same name (Shakeela). Siva realizes that he has been tricked.