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Investigation is a film of genre Drama with Labina Mitevska

Investigation (2006)

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Length 2h35
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Crime
Rating65% 3.285593.285593.285593.285593.28559

Investigation (Bulgarian: Разследване; Romanisation: Razsledvane) is a 2006 Bulgarian film directed by Iglika Triffonova.


Parts of a corpse have been found and a suspect, Plamen Goranov (Krassimir Dokov), brother of the murdered man, is detained. He denies any charges and for want of conclusive evidence, the investigation is about to be suspended. Then a new investigator is appointed, Alexandra Yakimova (Svetla Yancheva), who starts everything from scratch. In daytime she interrogates relatives, friends and colleagues of two brothers and at night she questions the suspect. She hasn't got much time left for her family. Solitude has been her own choice and she tries to make up it overburdening herself with more and more work. Loneliness is also eating up Plamen, the tough rogue, who starts cherishing his encounters with the investigator for the chance to talk to her. The film follows the course of the investigation through the filter of its main subject: possible or impossible human communication.


Labina Mitevska

(Semeyna priyatelka)
Hristo Garbov

Peter Slabakov

(Chichoto (Uncle of Plamen))
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