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It's All About Love is a danois film of genre Drama directed by Thomas Vinterberg released in USA on 18 january 2003 with Joaquin Phoenix

It's All About Love (2003)

It's All About Love
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Released in USA 18 january 2003
Length 1h45
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Science fiction,    Thriller,    Romance
Rating55% 2.752032.752032.752032.752032.75203

It's All About Love is a 2003 romance-drama film written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Its narrative can be classified as apocalyptic science fiction, but Vinterberg prefers to call it "a dream". Unlike the director's earlier Danish-language films, It's All About Love is entirely in English and stars Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes and Sean Penn. The production was led by Denmark's Nimbus Film, but the film was largely an international co-production, with involvement of companies from nine different countries in total. It was very poorly received by film critics.


Le film raconte l'histoire d'un jeune docteur en littérature polonaise qui doit se rendre au Canada pour donner un cours à l'université. Il fait une escale à New York pour signer les papiers du divorce avec sa très belle jeune femme. Cette dernière est une vedette de patinage artistique. Son activité est très lucrative et elle est jalousement protégée par sa famille.


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