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Jack-O is a american film of genre Horror directed by Steve Latshaw released in USA on 10 october 1995 with Linnea Quigley

Jack-O (1995)

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Released in USA 10 october 1995
Length 1h28
Directed by
Genres Horror,    Slasher
Rating29% 1.4806151.4806151.4806151.4806151.480615

Jack-O is the third in a trio of movies directed by Steve Latshaw in the early-to-mid-1990s (along with Dark Universe and Biohazard: The Alien Force). The film was straight-to-TV and video, and was later rereleased in 2005 as a special-edition DVD.


The film details the Kelly family living in the fictional town of Oakmoor Crossing, just before and during Halloween. The family, consisting of father David, mother Linda, and son Sean, live a normal suburban life, but are eventually visited by a stranger who identifies herself as Vivian Machen. Both the Machens and the Kellys have a long ancestral history in Oakmoor Crossing, and Vivian reveals that one of the Kelly's ancestors hanged a supposed warlock named Walter Machen, who raised up a pumpkin-headed demon, Jack-O, from hell to take revenge on the Kellys. The Kelly ancestor ended up burying the demon in a shallow grave, but through the antics of several teenagers Jack-O is raised again and seeks revenge on the Kellys.


Linnea Quigley

(Carolyn Miller)
Steve Latshaw

(Cable Installer)
John Carradine

(Walter Machen)
Brinke Stevens

Tom Ferguson

(Tom Mason)
Cameron Mitchell

(Dr. Cadaver)
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