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Joan the Woman is a american film of genre Drama directed by Cecil B. DeMille released in USA on 25 december 1916 with Geraldine Farrar

Joan the Woman (1916)

Joan the Woman
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Released in USA 25 december 1916
Length 2h18
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Adventure,    Historical
Rating65% 3.2857453.2857453.2857453.2857453.285745

Joan the Woman is a 1916 American epic silent drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Geraldine Farrar as Joan of Arc. The film premiered on Christmas Day in 1916. This was DeMille's first historical drama. The screenplay is based on Friedrich Schiller's 1801 play "Die Jungfrau von Orelans (The Maid of Orleans). This film was considered to be the "first cinematic spectacle about Joan of Arc."

This was the first film to use the Handschiegl Color Process (billed as the "Wyckoff-DeMille Process") for certain scenes. This process is especially noticeable in the scene of Joan burning at the stake, the use of red and yellow gave this a heightened dramatic effect. A print of the film still exists. DeMille has said that in the weeks before shooting he became obsessed with historical research, costume and set design, and casting decisions.


A British officer (Bosworth) in World War I has a dream of the life of Joan of Arc (Farrar). The officer pulls a sword out of the wall of the trench he is in, the sword used to belong to Joan of Arc. Removing the sword conjures up the ghost of Joan, leading to her telling her story. The setting then changes to France where the story of Joan of Arc is told, of her leading the French troops to victory and her subsequent burning at the stake. The story ends back in the trench with the officer deciding to go on a suicide mission, using Joan's story and sword as inspiration


Geraldine Farrar

(Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc))
Raymond Hatton

(Charles VII)
Hobart Bosworth

(Gen. La Hire)
Theodore Roberts

Wallace Reid

(Eric Trent 1431 / Eric Trent 1917)
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