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Joe and Max is a american film of genre Drama released in USA on 3 march 2002 with Leonard Roberts

Joe and Max (2002)

Joe and Max
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Released in USA 3 march 2002
Length 1h49
Genres Drama,    Biography
Rating67% 3.395943.395943.395943.395943.39594

Joe and Max is a 2002 American-German boxing film directed by Steve James and based on the true story of the two boxing matches between American Joe Louis and German Max Schmeling.


In 1936 African American boxer Joe Louis (Leonard Roberts), trained by Jack Blackburn (Richard Roundtree), is undefeated and apparently invincible. Then Jewish-American boxing manager Joe Jacobs (David Paymer) obtains a film of his fight against Paulino Uzcudun in Madison Square Garden. Jacobs delivers the film to his client, German heavyweight champion Max Schmeling (Til Schweiger). A pioneer of video analysis, Schmeling discovers how Louis always neglects his guard when he has just delivered a certain blow. Schmeling decides to seek a fight with Louis. The next year they fight in the United States. The German, who is nine years Louis's senior, surprises everybody by winning.


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