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Killing Is My Business, Honey is a film of genre Comedy directed by Sebastian Niemann released in USA on 20 march 2009 with Richard "Rick" Kavanian

Killing Is My Business, Honey (2009)

Killing Is My Business, Honey
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Released in USA 20 march 2009
Length 1h47
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Crime
Rating57% 2.8630352.8630352.8630352.8630352.863035

Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling (literally translated "Murder is my trade, darling") is a German comedy directed by Sebastian Niemann.


Enrico Puzzo (Franco Nero) is an eccentric Italian author who claims he knows the mafia from inside. Based on these allegations he wrote a book and sold it under a pen name to a German publishing house. Puzzo lives in an expensive hotel, where he doesn't hesitate to threaten employees with his pistol in case something isn't to his liking. He also consumes a great deal of cocaine, sometimes even at broad daylight on the balcony of his hotel suite. As crazy as he is, he writes on a typewriter and sends a unique typescript to his publisher who is already about to have a huge press conference on this book. That is when Toni Ricardelli (Rick Kavanian), a German-born hitman of suave behaviour, comes into play. He intercepts the script just in time, leaving the publisher Christopher Kimbel (Hans-Michael Rehberg) empty-handed. Not the mafia, but the publisher is embarrassed.


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