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Lacombe, Lucien is a french film of genre Drama directed by Louis Malle released in USA on 29 september 1974 with Pierre Blaise

Lacombe, Lucien (1974)

Lacombe, Lucien
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Lacombe Lucien (in English, Lacombe, Lucien) is a 1974 French war drama film about a French teenage boy during the German occupation of France in World War II. It is based in part on director Louis Malle's own experiences.


In 1944 Lucien Lacombe, a 17-year-old peasant living in the Lot region of south-western France, is rejected by the French Resistance. Pro-German collaborators obtain information from him about a resistance leader and recruit him into the "Milice Francaise", a fascist group that hunts down Resistance fighters.


Pierre Blaise

(Lucien Lacombe)
Aurore Clément

(France Horn)
Therese Giehse

(Bella Horn)
Holger Löwenadler

(Albert Horn, the tailor)
Stéphane Bouy

(Jean-Bernard de Voisin)
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