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Ladies of the House is a american film of genre Drama directed by James A. Contner released in USA on 18 october 2008 with Florence Henderson

Ladies of the House (2008)

Ladies of the House
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Released in USA 18 october 2008
Length 2h
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating60% 3.007653.007653.007653.007653.00765

Ladies of the House is a television movie made-for-TV movie that aired on Hallmark Channel in October 2008. It stars Florence Henderson, Pam Grier, and Donna Mills.


A house owned by a church to be sold to fund the day care center's need of major remodeling. The pastor enlists three women to take on the project: Birdie, Rose, and Elizabeth. Initially they want to hire someone to do it all, but as their budget is limited, they realize they must to do it themselves. As they remodel the decrepit house, Elizabeth (Donna Mills) discovers her marriage is over, Birdie (Pam Grier) deals with her husband's retirement, and Rose (Florence Henderson) copes with the news that her husband (Lance Henriksen), has been diagnosed with cancer. They also make unlikely friendships with men at the local hardware store, and their intimidating neighbor, Junior.


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