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Lope is a film of genre Drama directed by Andrucha Waddington released in USA on 9 january 2011 with Leonor Watling

Lope (2010)

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Released in USA 9 january 2011
Length 1h46
Genres Drama,    Biography,    Historical
Rating59% 2.9989152.9989152.9989152.9989152.998915

Lope is a drama film directed by Andrucha Waddington and released on September 3, 2010. The film is a co-production between Spain and Brazil, inspired in the youth of Lope de Vega.


Biopic of the poet and playwright Lope de Vega. Set in 1588, Lope is a young soldier who has just arrived in Madrid from the war. The city is still under construction and he, like many others, still does not know which path to follow. While struggling with his restlessness and ambition, two women come into his life. One, a liberal and successful businesswoman who can help Lope with his career, and the other, an aristocrat who ends up being his true lover.


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