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Miss Julie is a norvegien film of genre Drama directed by Liv Ullmann released in USA on 9 october 2014 with Jessica Chastain

Miss Julie (2014)

Miss Julie
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Released in USA 9 october 2014
Length 2h9
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating54% 2.7045752.7045752.7045752.7045752.704575

Miss Julie (2014) is a drama film written and directed by Liv Ullmann, based on the play of the same title by August Strindberg and starring Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton. Set in Ireland in this adaptation, it had its world premiere in the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It was a co-production of Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, and France.


Tandis que tout le monde célèbre la nuit des feux de la Saint Jean, Mademoiselle Julie et John, le valet de son père, se charment, se jaugent et se manipulent sous les yeux de Kathleen, la cuisinière du baron et jeune fiancée de John.


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