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Mister Lonely is a film of genre Drama directed by Harmony Korine released in USA on 22 may 2007 with Diego Luna

Mister Lonely (2008)

Mister Lonely
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Released in USA 22 may 2007
Length 1h52
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama
Rating65% 3.2500153.2500153.2500153.2500153.250015

Mister Lonely is a 2007 British-French-Irish-American comedy-drama film directed by Harmony Korine and co-written with his brother Avi Korine. The film features an ensemble cast of well-known foreign actors, including Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, Denis Lavant, Werner Herzog, James Fox, Anita Pallenberg and Leos Carax.


A young man living in Paris scratches out a living as a Michael Jackson look-alike, dancing on the streets, public parks, tourist spots and trade shows. During a show in an old people's home, he meets Marilyn Monroe. Haunted by her angelic beauty, he follows her to a commune in the Scottish Highlands, joining her husband Charlie Chaplin, and her daughter Shirley Temple. Here, the Pope, the Queen, Madonna, James Dean, and other impersonators build a stage in the hope that the world will visit and watch them perform.


Diego Luna

(Michael Jackson)
Samantha Morton

(Marilyn Monroe)
Denis Lavant

(Charlie Chaplin)
Werner Herzog

(Father Umbrillo)
James Fox

(The Pope)
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