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Monsieur Lazhar is a canadien film of genre Drama directed by Philippe Falardeau released in USA on 13 april 2012 with Mohamed Fellag

Monsieur Lazhar (2011)

Monsieur Lazhar
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Released in USA 13 april 2012
Length 1h34
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy
Rating74% 3.746993.746993.746993.746993.74699

Monsieur Lazhar is a 2011 Canadian French-language drama film directed by Philippe Falardeau. The screenplay was developed from Bashir Lazhar, a one-character play by Évelyne de la Chenelière. The film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards. The film was released theatrically in the United States on 13 April 2012 by distributor Music Box Films.


In Montreal, an elementary school teacher hangs herself. Bashir Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant, then offers his services to replace her, claiming to have taught in his home country. Desperate to fill the position, the principal takes him at his word and gives him the job. He gets to know his students despite the cultural gap evident from the very first day of class and despite his difficulty adapting to the school system's constraints. As the children try to move on from their former teacher's suicide, nobody at the school is aware of Bashir's painful past, or his precarious status as a refugee. His wife, who was a teacher and writer, died along with the couple's daughter and son in an arson attack. The murderers were angered by her last book, in which she pointed a finger at those responsible for the country's reconciliation, which had led to the liberation of many perpetrators of huge crimes. The film goes on to explore Bashir's relationships with the students and faculty, and how the students come to grips with their former teacher's suicide. One student, Alice, writes an assignment on the death of their teacher, revealing the deep pain and confusion felt by each of the students.


Mohamed Fellag

(Bachir Lazhar)
Sophie Nélisse

(Alice L'Écuyer)
Danielle Proulx

(M Vaillancourt, la directrice de l'école)
Brigitte Poupart

Évelyne de la Chenelière

(Mère d'Alice)
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