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Munyurangabo is a american film of genre Drama directed by Lee Isaac Chung

Munyurangabo (2007)

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Length 1h37
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating66% 3.343653.343653.343653.343653.34365

Munyurangabo is a 2007 film directed by Lee Isaac Chung. Filmed entirely in Rwanda with local actors, it is the first narrative feature film in the Kinyarwanda language. It premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival on 24 May and won the Grand Prize at the 2007 AFI Fest American critic Roger Ebert calls it "in every frame a beautiful and powerful film — a masterpiece."


After stealing a machete from a market in Kigali, Munyurangabo and his friend Sangwa leave the city to return to their village. Munyurangabo seeks justice for his parents, who were killed in the genocide, while Sangwa wants to return to the home he left years ago. Although the two boys had planned to stay only a few hours, they end up spending several days. But, because they are from two different tribes, their friendship is sorely tried. Sangwa's parents distrust Munyurangabo, and warn their son that Hutus and Tutsis are supposed to be enemies.

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