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My Favorite Season is a french film of genre Drama directed by André Téchiné released in USA on 19 april 1996 with Catherine Deneuve

My Favorite Season (1993)

My Favorite Season
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Released in USA 19 april 1996
Length 2h5
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy-drama
Rating70% 3.5433.5433.5433.5433.543

My Favorite Season (French: Ma saison préférée) is a 1993 French drama film directed by André Téchiné and starring Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Auteuil and Marthe Villalonga. The story concerns two middle age siblings, a brother and sister, who resume their fragile relationship when they are forced to care for their ailing mother. It won the award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1996 Boston Society of Film Critics Awards.

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Berthe, an elderly widow, is forced by her declining health to close the French farmhouse where she has spent much of her life. She moves in with her daughter Émilie and son in law Bruno who share a legal practice and have two grown up children: Anne, a law university student, and Lucien, who was adopted. In spite of Émilie’s efforts, Berthe is not happy in her daughter’s bourgeois home in Blagnac. She sits by the swimming pool in the middle of the night talking to herself and finds the house pretentious. Worried about her mother's physical and mental health, Émilie pays a visit to her unmarried younger brother, Antoine, a neurosurgeon. They have not seen each other for three years, since they quarreled at their father’s funeral. Émilie informs Antoine of their mother's condition and invites him to a Christmas dinner with the entire family.


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