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My Seven Sons is a film of genre Drama with Həsənağa Turabov

My Seven Sons (1970)

My Seven Sons
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Length 1h30
Genres Drama,    Action,    Historical
Rating85% 4.2985454.2985454.2985454.2985454.298545

Yeddi Oğul İstərəm, literally translating as "I'd like seven sons..." is a 1970 full-length Azerbaijani feature film. The film plot is written by Yusif Samedoglu based on his father poet Samed Vurgun's The Komsomol Poem which is about the events of 1920's and the Soviet overtaking of Azerbaijan.

The title "Yeddi Oğul İstərəm" derives from Azerbaijani folklore clause Yeddi Oğul İstərəm, Bircə Dənə Qız Gəlin (meaning "I'd like seven sons and just one daughter"), usually said during the weddings, when the groom comes to the bride's house to pick her up. The movie was shot for the 50th anniversary of establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan.


This lyrical psychological film is about commitment to the Bolshevik revolution and its victory. The story is about seven youth who sacrifice everything for the good of people. They travel through the villages during the takeover of Azerbaijan by Bolsheviks in order to establish and strengthen the Soviet power. Events develop in Peykanli village.


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