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Never Been Thawed is a american film of genre Comedy directed by Sean Anders released in USA on 15 march 2005 with Greg Behrendt

Never Been Thawed (2005)

Never Been Thawed
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Released in USA 15 march 2005
Length 1h28
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Documentary
Rating57% 2.8557152.8557152.8557152.8557152.855715

Never Been Thawed (sometimes referred to as NBT: Never Been Thawed) is an independent film released in 2005. It takes its name from the best condition a frozen entree can be in according to the film's fictional Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiast's Club. It was filmed in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area by director Sean Anders on a budget of approximately $35,000. Various reviewers referred to the comedy as a mockumentary in the tradition of This Is Spinal Tap and Best in Show.


The film revolves around the personal life of main character Shawn Anderson (played by writer-director Anders) and his two life pursuits, the Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiast's Club and his band The Christers. The Club is an eclectic group of people who collect frozen entrees. The film follows the group planning their first Frozen Entree Enthusiasts Convention and the power struggles between Shawn and wealthy group member Vince, who is also a corporate trainer who models his training seminars after Viet Cong prison camps. The Christers are Shawn's rock band. Formerly named The Reach Arounds, they have turned from hardcore punk rock to Christian rock believing it will be easier to sign a record deal.


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