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Never Too Late is a american film of genre Comedy directed by Bud Yorkin released in USA on 4 november 1965 with Paul Ford

Never Too Late (1965)

Never Too Late
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Released in USA 4 november 1965
Length 1h45
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating66% 3.33943.33943.33943.33943.3394

Never Too Late is a 1965 comedic feature film directed by Bud Yorkin. It stars 54-year-old Maureen O'Sullivan as the wife of a businessman (Paul Ford) who discovers, after 25 years of marriage, that she is to become a mother for the second time.


Harry Lambert is a New England lumber company executive in a humdrum life with his wife Edith. He feels his life has grown stale since his defeat in an election for town mayor. His adult daughter Kate is of little or no help to anybody; she and her husband Charlie live with him and Edith, and Charlie lives a freeloader's life, working at the lumber company.


Paul Ford

(Harry Lambert)
Connie Stevens

(Kate Clinton)
Maureen O'Sullivan

(Edith Lambert)
Jim Hutton

(Charlie Clinton)
Jane Wyatt

(Grace Kimbrough)
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