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Office is a Hongkongais film of genre Drama directed by Johnnie To with Chow Yun-fat

Office (2015)

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Length 1h59
Directed by
OriginHong kong
Genres Drama,    Comedy-drama,    Musical
Rating61% 3.050133.050133.050133.050133.05013

Office est une comédie dramatique musicale hongkongaise réalisée par Johnnie To, sortie en 2015.


Hong-Kong, 2008. Le jeune idéaliste Lee Xiang et la surdouée Kat Ho font leurs débuts chez Jones & Sunn, une multinationale sur le point d’entrer en bourse. Alors que la banque Lehman Brothers fait faillite aux États-Unis, la tension commence à se faire sentir au sein de l’entreprise. Lee Xiang et Kat Ho vont petit à petit découvrir le monde extravagant et outrancier de la finance…


Chow Yun-fat

(Ho Chung-ping)
Sylvia Chang

(Winnie Cheung)
Eason Chan

(David Wong)
Tang Wei

Stephanie Che

Cheung Siu-fai

(John Suen)
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Corinne Burns is a seventeen-year-old girl whose mother has recently died from lung cancer. Working in a fast food restaurant to help support herself and her younger sister, Corinne is interviewed by a local television station for a story about her town's dwindling economy. During the interview, Corinne becomes angry and belligerent towards the reporter, eventually lashing out at her boss and getting fired. The segment resonates with the station's teenage viewers, who see Corinne as a kindred spirit. The station does a follow-up interview, which primarily consists of Corinne acting flippant and making sarcastic remarks to the journalist. However, she does manage to slip in a plug for her garage band "The Stains", which consists of her, her sister Tracy, and their cousin Jessica.