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One Leg Kicking is a Singapourien film of genre Comedy with Mark Lee

One Leg Kicking (2001)

One Leg Kicking
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Length 1h30
Genres Comedy
Rating44% 2.2235952.2235952.2235952.2235952.223595

One Leg Kicking is a 2001 Singaporean comedy-film movie that is about several soccer amateurs that compete in a soccer event for the 2002 World Cup Finals. The main actors of this movie are Gurmit Singh as Tai Po and Mark Lee as Handsome.


As the film begins, Tai Po (Gurmit Singh) and Vernon (Moe Alkaff) are shown to have a common pastime of playing soccer. Later, Tai Po enters a Youth Soccer Competition in a tryout, but gets hurt with his leg bleeding. Since that event, Tai Po appears to shun matches of soccer on the radio or on television while at work.


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