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Outlaw is a British film of genre Thriller directed by Nick Love released in USA on 9 march 2007 with Sean Bean

Outlaw (2007)

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Released in USA 9 march 2007
Length 1h43
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Action,    Crime
Rating56% 2.849112.849112.849112.849112.84911

Outlaw is a 2007 action-crime-drama film written and directed by British filmmaker Nick Love. Outlaw stars Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Bob Hoskins, Lennie James, Rupert Friend and Sean Harris.

The film is set in Britain in 2006. Sean Bean plays a soldier who returns home from duty to find that the country for which he has been fighting has become a war zone itself thanks to rampant crime. He joins forces with likeminded people to take on the evil that threatens to take over his home.


The film begins by exploring stories involving a number of different characters who live in and around London, all of whom have experiences which lead them to believe that justice in the country is not being handed out fairly. These characters include white-collar worker Gene Dekker (Danny Dyer), who is violently beaten by yobs without any reason on the way to his wedding. Danny Bryant (Sean Bean) is a paratrooper who has seen action in the Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq and who arrives back from abroad to find his wife with someone else, and also believes that the state of the country is worse than the war-torn places he has recently served in. Crown Court prosecution barrister Cedric Munroe (Lennie James) receives death threats towards his pregnant wife, being told they will only be safe if he pulls out of the case against club owner and heroin dealer Terry Manning (Rob Fry), a boss of the criminal underworld, who Munroe is currently prosecuting. Cambridge University student Sandy Mardell (Rupert Friend) and son of Bryant's former commanding officer has only recently left hospital, though the thugs who scarred him for life in an unprovoked attack were released from prison before he had made his recovery.


Sean Bean

(Danny Bryant)
Danny Dyer

(Gene Dekker)
Sean Harris

(Simon Hillier)
Bob Hoskins

(Walter Lewis)
Lennie James

(Cedric Munroe)
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