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Red Riding Hood is a film of genre Horror directed by Randal Kleiser released in USA on 27 june 2006 with Lainie Kazan

Red Riding Hood (2006)

Red Riding Hood
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Released in USA 27 june 2006
Length 1h22
Directed by
Genres Horror,    Musical
Rating32% 1.625341.625341.625341.625341.62534

Red Riding Hood is a musical film released in 2006 starring Morgan Thompson as "Red", Henry Cavill as "the Hunter", and Joey Fatone as "the Wolf".


A typical teenaged girl obsessed with boy bands who is planning to sneak out tonight and meet up with her friends is treated to the story of Little Red Riding Hood by her babysitting grandmother. She and her brother repeatedly offer suggestions on how to spice up the story.


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