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Regular Show: The Movie is a american film of genre Science fiction directed by J. G. Quintel released in USA on 1 september 2015 with William Salyers

Regular Show: The Movie (2015)

Regular Show : The Movie

Regular Show: The Movie
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Released in USA 1 september 2015
Length 1h9
Directed by
Genres Science fiction,    Comedy,    Animation
Rating74% 3.7015553.7015553.7015553.7015553.701555

Regular Show: The Movie is an American animated film based on the Cartoon Network original series, Regular Show. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and is set to air on TV on November 25, 2015.

The movie premiered in August 14, 2015 at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, where it screened from August 14, 2015 to August 20, 2015.

The film was released digitally on September 1, 2015, and was released on DVD format on October 13, 2015.


After a high school lab experiment goes horribly wrong, and accidentally creating a "timenado" the universe is on the verge of being destroyed and it’s up to the slackers Mordecai and Rigby to go back in time and make things right. Their mission: save their friendship and save the universe from themselves.


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