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Replacing Dad is a american film of genre Drama directed by Joyce Chopra released in USA on 14 march 1999 with Mary McDonnell

Replacing Dad (1999)

Replacing Dad
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Released in USA 14 march 1999
Length 1h30
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy
Rating55% 2.7725552.7725552.7725552.7725552.772555

Replacing Dad is a 1999 American television film directed by Joyce Chopra. Based on a Shelley Fraser Mickle novel, the film stars Mary McDonnell, William Russ, Jack Coleman and (a then-unknown) Shailene Woodley in her film debut.


Linda Marsh (Mary McDonnell) is a housewife who seems to have a perfect life: along with her husband, high school principal George (William Russ) and three loving children Drew (Erik von Detten), Mandy (Camilla Belle) and Willie (Hayden Tank), she is living in a suburban house in a small and peaceful town. One day, she decides to surprise her husband at his office to celebrate their 16th anniversary, and finds him kissing with one of the teachers, Ann Marie Scott (Michele Abrams). Immediately, her life falls apart, and she lands in a roller coaster of emotions.


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