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Resurrection is a american film of genre Drama directed by Russell Mulcahy released in USA on 5 june 1999 with Christophe Lambert

Resurrection (1999)

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Released in USA 5 june 1999
Length 1h48
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Horror,    Crime
Rating61% 3.0506453.0506453.0506453.0506453.050645

Resurrection is a 1999 horror film directed by Russell Mulcahy.


Detective John Prudhomme, a Cajun transferred to Chicago, is assigned to investigate the savage murder of a man who has bled to death from a severed arm. A message, "He Is Coming", written in blood on the victim's window, is a dark, foreboding clue. After two more victims with missing body parts are discovered, Prudhomme realises he is on the trail of a serial killer who is using the missing body parts to reconstruct the body of Christ in time for Easter.


Christophe Lambert

(Det. John Prudhomme)
Leland Orser

(Det. Andrew Hollinsworth)
Michael Olah

(Michael Prudhomme)
Robert Joy

Barbara Tyson

(Sara Prudhomme)
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