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Reviving Ophelia is a canadien film of genre Drama directed by Bobby Roth released in USA on 11 october 2010 with Jane Kaczmarek

Reviving Ophelia (2010)

Reviving Ophelia
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Released in USA 11 october 2010
Length 1h32
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating64% 3.249223.249223.249223.249223.24922

Reviving Ophelia is a Lifetime Original Movie starring Jane Kaczmarek and Kim Dickens.
The title is a reference to the non-fiction book Reviving Ophelia.

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When LeAnne Dunley arrives home from work and catches her daughter Kelli in a sexual act with a classmate, she arranges for Kelli to stay at her sister Marie's home when she is working. Kelli notices that her cousin Elizabeth Jones--Marie's daughter--is in an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend, Mark. He calls and texts her at an extremely frequent rate, tries to control where she goes and what she wears, and becomes angry when she tries to spend any time with her friends.


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