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Sione's Wedding is a Néo-Zélandais film of genre Comedy released in USA on 30 march 2006 with Oscar Kightley

Sione's Wedding (2006)

Sione's Wedding
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Released in USA 30 march 2006
Length 1h37
Genres Comedy,    Romance
Rating62% 3.1481253.1481253.1481253.1481253.148125

Sione's Wedding (also marketed outside New Zealand as Samoan Wedding), is a 2006 New Zealand comedic film directed by Chris Graham and written by James Griffin and Oscar Kightley, and produced by South Pacific Pictures.


Set in Auckland, New Zealand the film centres around four Samoan boys: ladies' man Michael, party boy Sefa, good boy Albert, and weird Stanley, who although they are in their mid 20s to early 30s have a reputation for behaving immaturely at special occasions such as family weddings. After four particular incidents (Michael having sex with one of the bridesmaids in the wedding limousine; Albert dropping the bride while she was hoisted up on his shoulder; Sefa getting drunk and passing out while going through the wedding cake and the table; and Stanley setting a reception hall on fire), the local minister of their Samoan church rules that the four are to be banned from the wedding of Michael's brother, Sione.


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