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Sitting Target is a american film of genre Drama directed by Douglas Hickox released in USA on 19 june 1972 with Oliver Reed

Sitting Target (1972)

Sitting Target
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Released in USA 19 june 1972
Length 1h33
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Action,    Crime
Rating70% 3.543343.543343.543343.543343.54334

Sitting Target or Screaming Target is a 1972 British film directed by Douglas Hickox and shot in London. It stars Oliver Reed, Ian McShane and Jill St. John and was based on the 1970 novel by Laurence Henderson.


Harry Lomart, a convicted murderer, and Birdy Williams are convicts planning a breakout. Before the two men can abscond to another country, Lomart gets word that his wife Pat has been having an affair with another man and has become pregnant.


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