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Something Wild is a american film of genre Drama directed by Jonathan Demme released in USA on 7 november 1986 with Jeff Daniels

Something Wild (1986)

Something Wild
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Released in USA 7 november 1986
Length 1h53
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama,    Romantic comedy,    Action,    Crime,    Romance
Rating68% 3.447763.447763.447763.447763.44776

Something Wild is a 1986 American action comedy film directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta. It was screened out of competition at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. This film has some elements of a road movie, and it has acquired a certain cult status.


In New York City, Charlie Driggs (Jeff Daniels) is a seemingly conventional banker whose wife has left him. In a café, an adorable brunette (Melanie Griffith) who calls herself Lulu spots him leaving without paying. After a teasing confrontation, the two leave in a car that, Lulu says, she acquired from a divorce. They embark on a bizarre adventure, including crashing and abandoning the car, stealing from a liquor store and leaving a diner without paying. Believing Charlie to be married, Lulu discloses her real name is Audrey, and takes him to visit her mother, Peaches. Audrey now adopts a different persona, becoming a demure platinum blonde. Coming to accept Audrey's free-wheeling lifestyle, Charlie realises he is falling in love with her.


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