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Song Without End is a american film of genre Drama directed by George Cukor released in USA on 11 august 1960 with Dirk Bogarde

Song Without End (1960)

Song Without End
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Released in USA 11 august 1960
Length 2h21
Directed by ,    
Genres Drama,    Musical,    Romance
Rating59% 2.9502152.9502152.9502152.9502152.950215

Song Without End, subtitled The Story of Franz Liszt (1960) is a biographical film romance made by Columbia Pictures. It was directed by Charles Vidor, who died during the shooting of the picture and was replaced by George Cukor. It was produced by William Goetz from a screenplay by Oscar Millard, revised (uncredited) by Walter Bernstein and based on screenwriter Oscar Saul's original 1952 script (uncredited). The music score was by Morris Stoloff and Harry Sukman with music by Franz Liszt, and the cinematography by James Wong Howe and Charles Lang (uncredited). The film also featured music of those contemporaries of Liszt whom he unselfishly championed by featuring them in his numerous performances (e.g., Richard Wagner, Hector Berlioz, among others).

The film starred Dirk Bogarde as Franz Liszt, Capucine (in her acting debut) as Princess Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, and Geneviève Page as Marie d'Agoult, with Patricia Morison as George Sand, Alexander Davion as Frédéric Chopin, Lyndon Brook as Richard Wagner, Albert Rueprecht as Prince Felix Lichnowsky, Erland Erlandsen as Sigismond Thalberg, Ivan Desny, Martita Hunt, Lou Jacobi, and Marcel Dalio.


Jeune pianiste de talent et salué par la critique, Franz Lizst n'en reste pas moins un personnage torturé par la solitude. À l'occasion d'une tournée européenne, le jeune artiste fait la rencontre de la princesse Caroline Sayn-Wittengenstei. Tous deux entament une idylle à double tranchant puisque cette nouvelle relation a une conséquence négative sur les performances de Franz.


Dirk Bogarde

(Franz Liszt)

(Princess Carolyne Wittgenstein)
Geneviève Page

(Countess Marie D'Agoult)
Patricia Morison

(Georges Sand)
Ivan Desny

(Prince Nicholas)
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