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Steam: The Turkish Bath is a italien film of genre Drama directed by Ferzan Özpetek released in USA on 24 october 1997 with Alessandro Gassmann

Steam: The Turkish Bath (1997)

Il bagno turco

Steam: The Turkish Bath
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Released in USA 24 october 1997
Length 1h34
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating67% 3.399113.399113.399113.399113.39911

Hamam (Italian: Il bagno turco, also known as Steam: The Turkish Bath) is a 1997 Italian-Turkish-Spanish film directed by Ferzan Özpetek about the powerful transformations certain places can cause in people.

^ IMDB: Ferzan Özpetek

^ "A love affair with a city rather than with one another" by Dennis Schwartz


Francesco (Alessandro Gassman) and Marta (Francesca d'Aloja) are an uptight Italian couple running a small design firm. Their marriage, once the most important thing to both, has lost all meaning. Francesco loses interest in Marta, prompting her to start an affair with their business partner.


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