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Street Scenes is a film of genre Documentary directed by Martin Scorsese released in USA on 14 september 1970 with Harvey Keitel

Street Scenes (1970)

Street Scenes
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Street Scenes, also known as Street Scenes 1970 is a documentary directed by Martin Scorsese. It documents two protest rallies against the Vietnam War that took place in May 1970: the Hard Hat Riot on Wall Street in New York City and Kent State/Cambodia Incursion Protest in Washington, D.C. The numerous camera operators do impromptu interviews with the protestors and the spectators. The New York protest turns violent as protestors were attacked by construction workers who supported the war. The Washington protest is peaceful. At the end, Scorsese, Harvey Keitel, Jay Cocks and Verna Bloom discuss the events and the current state of world affairs. Oliver Stone was one of the many camera operators.


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