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Temporary Family is a Hongkongais film of genre Comedy directed by Cheuk Wan-chi with Nick Cheung

Temporary Family (2014)

Temporary Family
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Length 1h49
Directed by
OriginHong kong
Genres Comedy,    Romance
Rating55% 2.7555352.7555352.7555352.7555352.755535

Temporary Family (失戀急讓) is a 2014 Hong Kong comedy film.


Hong Siu Long proposes to his girlfriend, but is rebuffed, and given an ulimatum that means he must double his fortune in one year or break up. As he contemplates as to how to do this Hong, a realtor, is engaged by a client wanting a quick sale of a luxury apartment, and willing to accept a below market price bid. Together with Charlotte, a would be client who just happened to be in the office, his colleague Very Wong, and his step-daughter Lui Yuen Ping, Hong decides to buy the apartment as a speculative venture. The four combine their assets for the deposit and given the ever rising property prices expect to quickly sell the apartment for a profit.


Nick Cheung

(Hong Siu Long)
Sammi Cheng

(Charlotte Fung)

(Lui Yuen Ping)
Dayo Wong

(Tsui Chi Chung)
Sui He

(Yeung Lin)
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