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Tennessee is a american film of genre Drama directed by David Anspaugh released in USA on 26 april 2008 with Ethan Peck

Tennessee (2008)

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Released in USA 26 april 2008
Length 1h39
Directed by ,    
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Adventure
Rating57% 2.8961052.8961052.8961052.8961052.896105

Tennessee is a 2008 American drama film produced by Lee Daniels. Vivendi Entertainment has acquired all U.S. rights to the film.


Two brothers, Ellis (Ethan Peck) and Carter (Adam Rothenberg), embark on a journey from New Mexico to find their estranged father in the hopes of saving Ellis, who has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Along the way while in Texas, they meet Krystal (Mariah Carey), an aspiring singer, who flees from her abusive husband, Frank (Lance Reddick), to join them on their journey.


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