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The Apparition is a american film of genre Thriller released in USA on 24 august 2012 with Ashley Greene

The Apparition (2012)

The Apparition
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Released in USA 24 august 2012
Length 1h22
Genres Thriller,    Horror
Rating41% 2.0522952.0522952.0522952.0522952.052295

The Apparition is a 2012 American supernatural horror thriller film written and directed by Todd Lincoln and starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Julianna Guill and Rick Gomez. The film was a box office bomb and was panned by critics upon its release. The film was loosely inspired by the Philip experiment conducted in 1972.


On May 21, 1973, six people conduct The Charles Experiment, a parapsychological experiment, in which they stare at a drawing of a deceased man, Charles Reamer, hoping to summon his spirit. Years later, four college students, Patrick (Tom Felton), Lydia (Julianna Guill), Ben (Sebastian Stan) and Greg (Luke Pasqualino) attempt to recreate the Charles Experiment on a larger scale by using modern technology. During the experiment, something attacks the students and pulls Lydia into the wall.


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