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The Barbarians is a american film of genre Fantasy directed by Ruggero Deodato released in USA on 1 march 1987 with Richard Lynch

The Barbarians (1987)

The Barbarians
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Released in USA 1 march 1987
Length 1h27
Directed by
Genres Fantasy,    Action,    Adventure
Rating50% 2.5082952.5082952.5082952.5082952.508295

The Barbarians is a 1987 American-Italian sword and sorcery film directed by Ruggero Deodato and starring the Barbarian Brothers (Peter and David Paul), Richard Lynch and Eva La Rue. Peter and David Paul were nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award as Worst New Stars for this film.


The film is set in a heroic fantasy world. The Ragnicks, a tribe of peaceful travelling entertainers, are attacked by the evil tyrant Kadar, who takes their queen Canary hostage. Canary, however, manages to hide her magic ruby, the lucky talisman of the Ragnicks which Kadar seeks to bolster his power. Two young twins from the tribe, Kutchek and Gore, bite off two of Kadar's fingers. In retaliation, Kadar has them taken prisoner as well, but agrees to spare their lives if Canary becomes his bride.


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