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The Bloodettes is a french film of genre Science fiction directed by Jean-Pierre Bekolo with Emil Abossolo M'Bo

The Bloodettes (2005)

The Bloodettes
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Length 1h32
Directed by
Genres Science fiction,    Thriller,    Fantasy,    Horror,    Crime,    Erotic thriller
Rating61% 3.062363.062363.062363.062363.06236

Les Saignantes is a 2005 futuristic, sci-fi, erotic thriller with a strong political sensibility. Two sexy young women win the favors of the corrupt political elite, but when one of these leaders dies in the middle of a sexual act, the friends are left with a corpse to get rid of. Bekolo eviscerates the ruling elite but with the canny use of inter-titles also leaves the audience with something to ponder. The film won the Silver Stallion (second best African film) at Fespaco 2007 and the Best actress awards with the special mention of the jury.


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